Bruce Dolsen, artist

I work in acrylic and watercolour, and once in a while I do linocuts and collages. I am inspired by the world around me: the natural world, primarily, but also the “peoplescape” we live in, with all its variety and wonder.

Artist's Statement

One way or another, we all reach out for something beyond: I see this when I'm painting or drawing, connecting with a subject that has caught my eye with lines and colours that demand to be acknowledged. Trees become clouds, become waves, become the swooping shoreline, the line of an arm, a neck, a slant of sunlight across a table, the raven passing overhead... It is the beauty of connection that draws me, and I try to draw it.

As an artist, I have learned to listen to that inner voice—and to rely on the artist's eye--that will declare when an image is "done", complete, finished. The experience—the doing of it—is all I ask for, all I can imagine, and if what I produce gives someone else years of pleasure, I am gratified to send it out into the world on its own. There, out there somewhere, I hope it moves others to connect to the beauty that moved me, and to see something new in the image every time they look at it.


My education in Art has been a life-long experience, and for the past twenty-five years I have been selling watercolours, prints and acrylics both privately and in shows. While I never attended Art School full time, when I was much younger I joyfully attended Saturday classes at the Vancouver School of Art for nine years (1957 – 65) where I was encouraged and promoted, and where I learned how important it is to exercise whatever talent one is blessed with.

UBC Fine Arts Department 1965-67, BA (English) 1970

Life-drawing workshops 1980 - present

Workshop with Tony Onley 1997

Inspiration from everywhere!